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Junior Klezmer Orchestra
Alumni Feature: Then and Now

Jake Shapiro


Thank you...for an unforgettable Klezmer experience these past six years. I loved every minute of rehearsing and performing Klezmer music with the JKO and learned so much about the music of our people along the way. These lessons, both in music and in history, will stick with me forever.


Most meaningful to me, I learned how important it is to keep the Klezmer culture alive in our community and beyond. Teaching little children at Beth Hillel about Klezmer's instruments and origins, which I learned from you, strengthens the Jewish identity and it was exciting to share a little bit about my Klezmer experience with Northwestern students, too! I will never forget the joyous smiles of the elderly at our nursing home concerts and the Freilachs in the rain at the Jewish Cultural Festival.


I'm sad about leaving the JKO but excited to see what's in store for the rest of the band in the years to come, I know it will sound great! And whenever I'm in town, I'll be sure to drop in for a rehearsal or a concert if I'm lucky!

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