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Workshops and Lectures

The Maxwell Street Klezmer Band presents educational workshops, master classes and demonstrations for schools, colleges and other forums. 


The following are a selection of workshops which can be tailored to the needs of your classroom or audience.

Lecture: An Illustrated History of Klezmer Music

Band founder Lori Lippitz presents a history of the unique, multi-cultural phenomenon called Klezmer Music in an entertaining and informative lecture punctuated with musical examples from early recordings. This lecture can also be supplemented with demonstrations by a small ensemble.

“Shtetl” (Eastern European) and Israeli Dance Workshops

Our dance-leaders teach the steps to simple traditional group dances while a small ensemble  plays. 

Instrumental Master Classes

The musicians and singers give workshops to woodwinds, strings, or general musicians. 


Klezmer instrumental technique, ornamentation, improvisation and studying are covered according to the level of the class.


Instructors provide sheet music and recorded examples.

Jumping Klezmer!  Children’s Performances (K-5th Grade)


The band demonstrates what klezmer music is, while introducing children to the instruments in the band through rhythm and participation songs. The conclusion of the performance is a lesson in how to dance the hora (circle dance). 


The uniqueness of each student’s own ethnic heritage is emphasized in the performance and in educational materials (available in printed form and as a PowerPoint presentation). High school programs are also available.

Maxwell Street School Concert Quintet.jpg

Klezmer Institute: Week or Weekend

Our musicians and dance-leaders conduct hands-on sessions with instrumentalists and vocalists of any age or level. The session(s) culminate with a performance by the students and faculty together with the instructors. 


Maxwell Street was the organizer of The Midwestern Klezmer and Yiddish Music Institute at the Meyer Kaplan JCC in Skokie, IL from 1995-1999.

More options:

  • Shtetl Dancing: How to Dance to Klezmer Music

  • Starting your own community klezmer band

  • Klezmer Violin and String Workshop for all levels and ages

  • Klezmer Clarinet Workshop for all levels and ages

  • Singing in Yiddish 

Link to Sample Workshop:

Here is a link to a workshop we held at the Ann Arbor Reconstructionist Congregation, with photos and recordings included for a glimpse at what we can offer: See the Workshop Here.

For more information, or to schedule your Workshop, call (847) 675-4800.

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