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Fiddler on the Lawn

"If you can't go to parties and concerts, we bring the performance to you."

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We are all taking precautions to be safe during the Covid-19 Pandemic, and that includes avoiding groups of people where the virus can spread.  But what can we do when a special day comes—a birthday, anniversary, an engagement, a wedding ceremony—and you want to safely celebrate?


Studies show that outdoors is the safer place to gather, since transmission is much less likely, especially when everyone observes social distancing.  

An ensemble of any size, from a duet to a dance band, can come to your backyard, driveway, or other outdoor space to help create the festive spirit you need to mark your special day.  Introducing: Fiddler on the Lawn.

 “This made my Papa’s quarantined 94th birthday beyond special. Celebrating with his family and neighbors from a distance accompanied by his favorite songs was more than we ever could have asked for. Thank you for making this unique birthday situation so incredible!” 

Maxwell Street Klezmer Duet from Balcony

Like klezmer musicians back in the shtetls of Eastern Europe that traveled from town to town playing for celebrations, Maxwell Street’s musicians are finding new ways to lift spirits through the joyful sound of violins and clarinets—wherever people can gather safely in the open air.  Anything from a brief performance to an afternoon or evening is available for a range of budgets.

To arrange your "Fiddler on the Lawn" Concert:
or call (847) 675-4800 .
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