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Junior Klezmer Orchestra
Alumni Feature: Then and Now
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Margaret Selinger

Steiner Summer Program Coordinator and Education Program Assistant at the Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, MA

I have been so lucky to be a part of Junior Klezmer Orchestra from the sixth grade until senior year of high school. Over those seven years, I grew immensely as a musician and performer. But most importantly, I found a whole new way of connecting with my culture and history:  Experiencing klezmer in all its joy and liveliness!

What an honor it is to carry on such a vibrant art form. I will always remember those moments after concerts when audience members would come up to us, sometimes greeting us in Yiddish, and tell us their personal connections to the songs we performed.


Singing with JKO has not only added a bunch of great music to my Spotify, but has inspired me to seek out more ways to connect to my heritage (especially if it's through dance and song!). I am so grateful to Lori and Alex for bringing klezmer into my life, and into the lives of a new generation.


- Margaret Selinger

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